Support Center

What are the rules for the return?

On all items in our shop, we give a one-year warranty. We are responsible for all the products in our store. If there are some problems with the products, our customers should contact us to solve them.

Which payment methods do we accept?

You can pay for the product on the website with a bank card, or you can order the product from us and pay for it in cash when you receive it (you must pay a deposit equal to 20% of the purchase amount).

Which privileges do our regular customers receive?

Regular guests receive customer cards, depending on the amount for which they were purchased. Further information about the conditions and the customer cards can be found in your personal account in the VIP area.

Delivery in Switzerland

We deliver our goods throughout Switzerland. This service can be provided free of charge for holders of higher-value customer cards. It is possible to pick up the goods directly from the shop.

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