CNC aesthetic pharm Moisturizing Concentrate active ingredient ampoule as an additional care for normal to dehydrated skin. For the skin of all ages. With depot effect. Moisturizes and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

CNC aesthetic pharm This high quality skincare system with high-dose active ingredients has been developed to solve specific skin problems. Starting with a special cleansing over peeling, ampoules, complexes and masks, up to additional and eye care, aesthetic pharm offers a wide range of high-tech care.

CNC aesthetic pharm completely dispenses with mineral oils and is based on a particularly skin-friendly perfume oil. A dermatological and toxicological safety assessment confirms the absolute purity and quality of these products. The aim of this system care is to promote the regeneration of the condition of the skin, to reduce wrinkles, to compensate for hyperpigmentation and impure skin and to optimize skin regeneration.


Skin type: Dry skin Brand: CNC Skincare Product: ampoule

Moisturizing Concentrate

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